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I first worked in cinema in the sets department, then in 1995 I took a 90-degree turn and  I went from the moving image to the still image.


Professional photographer since,  I have always produced the infographic necessary for all my projects myself.  


My retouching and editing work has progressed at the same rate as software such as Photoshop, indesign or lightroom has evolved.  In the last years, I have specialized in architectural and real estate photography


Anxious to achieve ever more beautiful images, I remain at the forefront of available technologies.  Photography in HDR (High Dynamic Range) mode has become an essential shooting technique for many sectors of the industry and particularly for real estate photography.


Since 2009, I have been perfecting and optimizing this mode of shooting especially for the real estate sector by carrying out research and development at all stages of the process.


In 2019 Sylvie joined me, first as an intern then as a collaborator and partner in abfoto.   A major asset for our small company so the main goal is the satisfaction of our customers

"Anka is a great photographer who knows how to perform her work as a photographer on my listing.  She is very courteous with clients and knows what to do to show de different rooms in their best angle.  She is quick and gets you exacly what you pay for quality photos in a record of time.  Thanks for your work Anka. I am looking foward to continuing our professional relationship "

Marie Rich, Current Sutton


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