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I am a certified home staging photographer  and I put my experience and my know-how at the service of real estate brokers and home staging specialists.

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 The mini HS is a simplified approach to residential enhancement  before taking the photos that will be used for the sale of the property.   


With my assistant, I transform  the most important parts  using the decorative accessories that are already there.  


  It is an efficient and economical way  to optimize  and highlight every room in the house.

To the home staging specialist,  it is equally important for you to showcase your work through photography.  It is always interesting to see the "before and after"  provided the photo can demonstrate your true talent. 

Home staging
Home staging
Home staging
Home staging

“Before taking the photo, Anka reinvests the space to better enhance it:  she looks, moves objects, looks for the right angle ... then puts everything back in place. It's his trademark! "   

Line Frigon,  Remax imagines

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