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The real estate photo as I see it

It's like an open window  on the property before visitors push  the door.  

Since they have already visited it by  my pictures,  I wish potential buyers have an impression  deja vu when entering the property.   To achieve this result,  I work  upstream in partnership  with the broker  until validation of the final selection.  


I am multidisciplinary,  from shooting to post-production (computer graphics) through home staging.  (Certification) I know the constraints of brokers (tight deadline), I am therefore available and responsive, I work quickly and well  (same day delivery)  


I understand that for an owner, selling his house is often an emotional process.  I am friendly, smiling and empathetic while being discreet and restrained. 

My working method

As soon as the picture is taken, I put myself in the shoes of a visitor.  How would I visit this property?  What do I like?  What catches my eye?


I quickly find the best shooting angle that will highlight the light, or the size of a room.   With the permission of the owner, I move  things and remove what bothers my eye.  


  The  details are as important as the room itself, a stone fireplace, a particular faucet, an unusual office area, a window bench, are all details that can provoke a crush,  they are important to show.  I make sure not to forget them.  

I am a photographer, specializing in real estate photography.   


I have worked in the sector for a long time: real estate agencies, apartment rental companies.  Since 2010, I have worked with dozens of different brokers.


This experience allows me to affirm:  real estate photography should no longer be seen as an expense, but as a winning investment!  


Between buyers and sellers of goods, the broker is an intermediary in carrying out a real estate transaction. He must therefore find potential clients for each property for which he has been appointed. My objective  - photographic - will seduce them by making them want to visit the property. In broker advertising, the role of the photo is essential. It allows the client to project himself into a living space, even before he sets foot there  !    

6 good reasons to work in tandem with  professional photographer  


  1. The photo is a selling point

  2. The photo conveys an image of professionalism

  3. The photo triggers a visit

  4. The photo enhances the property

  5. The photo is a multidisciplinary combination

  6. The photo implies a relationship with the seller

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